Why the Destruction of Iran’s Nuclear Program is in Syria’s Best Interests

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Ten reasons why the US and Israel should strike the Iranian nuclear facilities. The latest short-lived compliances will not make Iran weaker.

Washington DC – October 4, 2009 – (Farid Ghadry Blog) — There are many international voices today expressing restraint or outright outrage at the thought of the US and Israel destroying the Iranian nuclear facilities harboring a secret weaponized program.

Today’s so-called compliance by Iran is fake. It certainly does not mean the regime will not wait for another opportunity to battle for supremacy through the acquisition of threatening nuclear weapons, something that leaders of democracies recycling politicians every few years tend to forget while supremacist religious leaders posing as politicians remain permanent fixtures to continue the mission.

If Syrians were free to express their opinion without fear from retribution, here is why they would support an attack:

    1. A nuclear weapon in the hands of states that sponsor terrorism and encourage the mass killing of innocent people is a threat to Syria. The region, and certainly weak Syria, cannot afford the smallest of probabilities that Iran, ruled supremely by religious extremists, may lay claim that G*d has ordained and justified their use of nuclear weapons.
    2. One can no longer rely on the security of the United Nations as individual countries have adopted unreasonable positions in regard to an Iranian nuclear weapon program. A neutral UN would afford the west the patience not to strike but today’s bias by the majority of the UN members provides the moral basis for a strike. With its rampant poverty, Syria risks economic dissemination if Iran acquires a nuclear bomb.
    3. Other countries with a nuclear arsenal never threaten their enemies with destruction. If Iran follows through with its threats against Israel, a nuclear Holocaust will ensue in which Syria will suffer greatly. Damascus will lose its title as the longest inhabitable city in the world.
    4. An Iranian nuclear power will be used not to seek peace from a position of power as reasonable countries with a nuclear arsenal do but rather to organize systematic destruction of the region to lift itself to a superpower status in the eyes of ignorant masses. Such means that the Middle East will have to adapt to the 7th century Islam turning Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon into tunnels of darkness. Religious minorities will either be slowly destroyed or forced to submit to an extremist Islamic ideology.
    5. The violent nature of the Assad regime, coupled with his unwavering alliance with an Ahmadinajead regime armed with a nuclear bomb, will alter the balance of power in a region where three religions were born. A nuclear Iran will force the US to realign its priorities with the possibilities of extreme violence against the Syrian civilian population.
    6. Alternatively, with the secular violence of Assad and the religious extremism of Iran, the international community is at a loss of whom its friends are and who are its foes. A nuclear Iran may simply lead the west to abandon its interests by yielding to Iran and Syria to rule the Middle East using Islam, Arabism, and the glorious past history of both countries to rule the region into oblivion.
    7. The Iranian regime wants ultimately to dictate its extremist form of religion to the whole region. It is already happening in Syria where poor villagers are paid to convert to Khameni’s Shiism. With a nuclear bomb, Iran will force such unrealistic goals upon the Arab Sunni countries, which will create tensions that will result in armed conflicts all over the Middle East, including Syria with its Sunni majority.
    8. An Iranian nuclear bomb will empower dictatorial regimes and set back freedom and human rights in the Middle East for many years to come. It will also empower terrorist organizations into encroaching on their own governments to rule for Iran and Syria in Lebanon and the West Bank and Gaza. This will set Syria many years back as “resistance” becomes a basis for another failed 50 years of mediocrity.
    9. Lack of resolve by other powerful countries playing cat and mouse with such a grave issue is sending the Ahmadinajead and the Assad regimes the wrong message of comfort. Miscalculating its purpose or relying on its complacency may start WWIII if Iran has a nuclear bomb. Syria, as the epicenter of the Levant, will not be able to escape the war.
    10. Finally, if the west does not strike the Iranian nuclear facilities, it will be viewed as a sign of weakness by the Iranian regime and will have grave consequences for the future of all of our children, especially in Syria, the historical country of Sunni Islam.


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