Who should we trust with possessing nuclear weapons in the Middle East?

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[singlepic id=79 w=320 h=240 float=left] Israel is supposedly in possession of nuclear arms. The country has fought many battles with Arab dictators all of which could have overwhelmed the smaller Jewish State. Yet not even once did Israel threaten any country, Arab or otherwise, with nuclear annihilation.

Iran, on the other hand, does not have any nuclear weapons yet, but it has already threatened Israel directly and several Arab states indirectly with annihilation.

Nuclear weapons, in the hands of a democracy, are intended to safeguard and promote peace because the politicians are accountable to their people. But one nuclear weapon, in the hands, of a dictatorial or extremist regime is far more dangerous than an arsenal in a democracy because all it takes is ONLY one crazy or extremist ruler to wreak havoc unto the world.

The political and religious antagonism existing today between the internal two sects of Islam and Islam’s own demons fighting everyone who does not adhere to its religion makes Iran far more dangerous as a nuclear power than Israel could ever be.

American and European politicians better start making that distinction because as the Moroccan Sahara blows the winds of Hurricanes like Katrina unto US soil, so will a nightmarish nuclear wind blow into Europe.

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