When the parents of James Foley hired Kroll, one of the best security firms in the world, to locate the whereabouts of their son in Syria, the firm, with a 99% certainty said it was the Syrian Intelligence who held him. Since we all know Assad forged ISIS in Syria the same way he forged al-Qaeda in Iraq to attack U.S. troops with IED's, he delivered James Foley to ISIS knowing his beheading would lead to cementing his rule in Syria. Read our detailed and factual post on this matter here.

Like Assad masterminded the James Foley beheading by ISIS, we also believe Assad masterminded the Paris attacks using the ISIS he forged as a proxy. Why? Because Western leaders would no longer say "Assad is the problem, not the solution" and people like British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond and French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius would simply no longer utter words like "Assad must go". Who would dare say “Assad must go” anymore? Assad masterminded the Paris attacks to force Europe to accept his rule in Damascus.

Our guess is that the DGSE and the CIA may have intel breadcrumbs leading to this theory. The problem, of course, lies in what to do with such intelligence. If France divulges the information, it will force France to act militarily against Assad, something the French President and the French Parliament would be reluctant to do considering the long history of terror and violence perpetrated by Tehran and Damascus, and the new Russian protection Putin is affording Assad's terrorism. Did we not tell you the Iran Deal is going to increase terror, not stop it? Feast your eyes upon what Assad is capable of doing.

Just as an extra measure of security, Vladimir Putin, just about the same time, deploys his most advanced missile defense system, the S-400, in Latakia, Assad's heartland. Such precautionary measures are a message to the DGSE and the CIA that "We know you know, but don't you dare think about responding to remove Assad from power". The installation of the S-400 just when Paris was attacked reeks of traces of the Cold War America and the Soviet Union played in the 60's  and the 70's in Syria.

Assad masterminded the Paris attacks like Assad masterminded the beheading of James Foley. Those who know the Assad regime intimately also know how insatiably this fact rings with truth. Assad's quick reaction to blame France for its policies towards his regime was his signature poke.

The international community in this civilized world of ours must decide whether the Assad regime should continue on its way spreading mayhem and terror, not only in the Middle East, but in Europe as well or whether to eradicate this deadly cancer once and for all. As much as we all want to uproot the ISIS evil in our midst, unless we also remove the Assad evil as well, the world would be looking at this architect of death down the road make a mockery of our peace of mind. The Assad family canvas of death will haunt the world for generations to come if today's leaders are not brave enough to stand firm in burning it to the ground.

Assad Masterminded The Paris Attacks Like He Masterminded Foley's Beheading

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