Arutz Sheva, an Israeli website, wrote last month that 500 Shabiha Assad army have been spotted in Europe, and in France particularly.

Fears are growing that “shabiha” militiamen accused of committing some of the most barbaric atrocities against Syrian civilians for President Bashar al-Assad’s regime are arriving incognito in Europe and getting asylum.

The prospect has sent shivers downs the spines of Syrians who fled the war-torn country, as indications pile up that thugs who tortured on behalf of Assad have slipped into the flow of refugees arriving in Europe.

“Today, there are war criminals who find refuge in France and in Europe,” Ziad al-Isa – a Franco-Syrian doctor who is part of the UOSSM disaster relief grouping – recently told French lawmakers.

In your opinion, what do you think this small Assad army is doing in Europe? Knitting blankets for the refugees they chased with their terror or preparing to attack Paris using ISIS assets Assad himself has soldiered before he released from his jails?

There is no doubt ISIS committed the acts of terror in Paris. But what matters the most is not who committed the crime as much as who the masterminds behind the crime were. The world would be a fool to simply accept that terrorists would carry their passports when carrying out acts of terror. There is something really rotten going on here.

Was the French delegation visiting Damascus to meet with Assad a coincidence? Or was their timing planned by Assad to deliver his punch line against France? His final act against a country that opposed his rule of tyranny?

People do not realize the extreme terror the Assad regime and what the regime in Damascus is capable of planning and administering against its enemies. There is a good reason why Putin protects Assad with all his might. He admires him for the his craftiness and his ability to strike anyone at anytime with unimaginable acts of proxy terror.

What are 500 Shabiha Assad army doing in Europe? Certainly not learning the art of French cuisine or the refined skills of a French Haute Couture creator. They are in Europe for a purpose. That purpose is to spread terror by proxy to protect Assad from regime change.

Assad is a genocidal maniac and a psychopath capable of every inhuman act imaginable. The sooner the world realizes this fact, the closer we are to hold him accountable for his crimes.

What Are 500 Shabiha Assad Army Doing in Europe?

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