Vladimir Obama and Barack Putin

Vladimir Obama and Barack Putin

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Do you remember that picture taken during the Summit of Eight in Northern Ireland with Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin both looking like they just swallowed rat poison?

It may have been all a charade because if you compare Obama to Putin today, you might as well call them Vladimir Obama and Barack Putin.

When it comes to their politics, both Obama and Putin are one and the same.

Let us draw some comparison between the two based on their real foreign policies.

  • Vladimir Obama refused to help the Syrian moderate opposition, which helped Assad, Barack Putin’s man, retain power.
  • Vladimir Obama ignored Ukraine while Barack Putin invaded Ukraine. Both policies destroyed Ukrainian democracy.
  • Vladimir Obama welcomed Cuba into his lap. Cuba was always sitting in Barack Putin’s lap.
  • Vladimir Obama spied on European allies. Putin has always spied on European allies.
  • Vladimir Obama no longer considers Israel an ally. Barack Putin never considered Israel an ally.
  • Vladimir Obama is surrounding Israel with her enemies. Barack Putin is providing the enemies to surround Israel.
  • Vladimir Obama is at war against extremist Sunnis but is tolerant of extremist Shiites. Barack Putin is at war with extremist Sunnis but is allied with extremist Shiites.
  • Vladimir Obama has allied America with Iran. Barack Putin has always been allied with Iran.
  • Vladimir Obama wants to see Iran control and homogenize the Middle East. Barack Putin wants Iran to kill Sunnis in order to control and homogenize the Middle east.

If you add to the above the fact that Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s most trusted adviser and the only confidant of both Michelle and Barack, grew up in a milieu of hardcore Communist roots, two plus two equals four.

President Barack Obama is but a Communist U.S. President mirroring with his policies and actions Putin’s own foreign policies.

What can Congress do to insure that no other U.S. President after Vladimir Obama is ever able to be voted into office? It can pass a law that would force a rigorous vetting of all candidates.

Why is that important? Because Communist Russia wants to destroy Capitalist America and the easiest way to do it is to defeat America from within.

Hello Vladimir Obama.

Vladimir Obama and Barack Putin


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