Tribes Take a Stand

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The video below is of a demonstration in Homs today just prior to tanks entering the region.


A one Abdul Illah Al-Milhem in Homs, a tribal chief with some blue blood extending to the tribes masters of al-Saud in Saudi Arabia has made an appearance on BBC Arabic two days ago to pay his allegiance to the people of Syria. In other words, Saudi Arabia is telling Assad enough is enough, indirectly.

Today, Assad sent his tanks rolling into Homs and fire has erupted in different corners of the city. The tribe of al-Milhem is called al-Faware’eh and it extends all the way to the Iraqi border and beyond to the Duleimeh tribe in Iraq and south into Jordan to the Bani Hassan tribe, protectors of King Abdullah’s rule amongst many others.

This does not bode well for Syria and by sending tanks into Homs to battle the tribal veins of this region, Assad is telling the world that he could care less about a civil war.

I read some Blogs in Israel state frankly that a civil war may not be so bad because the region would at least leave them alone. Understandable given their sufferings from an onslaught of hate, rockets, kidnappings, acts of terror, killings of their very young, and wars. But a civil war in Syria will produce, some years later, a hardened, battle-ready ignorant Syrian instead of just an ignorant Syrian today.

The international community must stop Assad and his terror machine because he will take down the region with him if he is allowed to continue on the road he has chosen.



  • Keyser Soze 13 years ago

    Rightly so! we are finding it very difficult to promote the very basic understanding of what it means to be a citizen in a society that have been marginalised for decades! Our people are holding a grim and bleak vision of what things might lead to. Our will is strong but not strong enough against Assad’s killing machine! China and Russia have blood on there hands too! Where are those philanthropic folks? INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY IS DIGGING US A PIT!

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