The Tragedy of Dara’a

The Tragedy of Dara’a

Twitter Plus January 21
Syria Rebels Strike Assad’s Alawite Stronghold
6000 Sunni Jihadists vs. Armed-to-the-Teeth 500,000 Pro-Iranian Terrorists

No one really knows what is happening inside the city. It is shut tight by the authorities with both communications and electricity interrupted in order to hide their crimes. Borders with Jordan have also been sealed.

An eyewitness told al-Jazeera that 8 tanks reached the center around al-Omari Mosque and that he saw 8 bodies on one side of the Mosque litter the street. The regime, after seeing that the ghostly story of armed “infiltrators” not sticking, has switched to armed Salafis to excuse their atrocities in Dara’a. Using Salafis is intended to strike fear into the hearts of the minorities, which is an indicator Assad no longer enjoys their support and is trying desperately to keep his faltering government together. One of the first Videos to show the tanks entering the city yesterday.

Because the city started the Revolution, Assad wants to punish its people. This only demonstrates what kind of a man leads Syria today. One that is full of hate, revenge, and has the brain of a bird.

I predicted in one of my Blogs last year that Assad won’t last beyond the summer of 2011 and I still stand by that prediction.

In support of Dara’a, a high UN official has agreed to meet me to discuss Assad and Syria. Assad must be investigated for crimes against humanity. If the UN acquiesces, it will be a question of funding such an investigation if the UN does not have any stand-by discretionary funds for such an eventuality. The US has budgetary issues and the Arab dictators will not dare step up afraid of Iran and Assad. This leaves Europe to be the savior of our humanity.


  • Andrew Brehm 13 years ago

    I would not yet be optimistic. Assad has many friends worldwide and none of them have an interest of seeing him replaced, particularly by a democratic regime.

    I doubt the UN will act against him. They were supposed to act against him since 2005 and haven’t. Instead the UN protected Hizbullah, Assad’s force in Lebanon. The UN will try to forget this revolt ever happened.

    The UN is not democracy’s friend!

    You can probably rely on the Syrian people, but you can’t rely on the UN. The majority of dictators worldwide do not wish to set an example.

  • Keyser Soze 13 years ago

    Well, it all depends on how much in need he is for statesmen. He will merge much stronger if he manage to swing a win and will dictate his blood stained reform whether we like it or not. We need President Obama’s pressure urgently! Darra’a is calling! Lets not waste a chance of a life time!

  • Keyser Soze 13 years ago

    Dear Sir,

    The theory of him not being in charge could prove to be true. Lets not forget that those who got him presidency are equally held if not more responsible to the atrocities taking place. Hope President Obama wont wait too long before it get well out of hand, i.e. slaughter is on the horizon for sure. On the other hand he/them are orchestrating a Salafi theme in order to issue an arbitrary Terrorist Act to replace the emergency law. What would US do then?

    • Agree with you on replacing one law with one with no lesser evil. These are theatrics we know Assad plays constantly, which makes him a very predictable person (If one has a twisted mind like his). Since we are asking for regime change, it matters not who is really in charge. If Assad is not able to control his thugs, he does not deserve our respect or votes either. Either way, he is finished. No statesman will dare contact him, sit with him, or deal with him after these massacres. He has but one friend today and his name is Ahmadinejad.
      Thanks for your comment Keyser.

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