Assad War Criminals Posing as Syrian Refugees

Assad War Criminals Posing as Syrian Refugees

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In 1945. during the last days of World War II, Nazi war criminals used what is dubbed today as Ratlines to escape accountability and justice. These Ratlines mostly led them to South America and the United States using escape routes via Spain and Italy (Genoa). Their helpers were Roman Bishops and Croatian priests whom U.S. intelligence eventually intercepted.

Today, the Assad war criminals are, in similar fashion, using Russia to escape accountability by mixing-in with legitimate refugees to seek refuge in Europe. How do we know that? Their Facebook pages use to boast their criminal activities, now they boast of their safety and security in some EU city or town.

In exposing the matter about Assad war criminals posing as Syrian refugees, Murad al-Kuwatli writes for the following:

An activist, who calls himself “Free Syrian”, the owner of one of the Facebook pages whose main concern is to expose the names of these criminal soldiers taking refuge in Europe, cites that they arrive Europe through the Russian borders after easily obtaining a Russian visa. He questions the ease with which they are granted Russian visas when it is one of the most difficult to obtain.

Bishop Alois Hudal meets Vladimir Putin. Like Roman Bishops and Croatian priests helped Nazi criminals escape, so are Russians today helping Assad war criminals posing as Syrian refugees to escape justice.

There is an effort underway, mounted by Syrians in the Diaspora, to document the deeds of these criminals in order to report them to the proper authorities in European capitals. There is as much danger to Europe from these Alawite criminals who are willing to kill en masse as there is from ISIS recruits and infiltrators. If Assad wants to terrorize Europe, who do you think are going to be his soldiers carrying out his missions of terror?

Europe has a tight dragnet to capture ISIS terrorists. Why does Europe ignore the Syrian regime criminals of war the psychopath Assad could manipulate into acts of terror against their hosts? Why is Europe providing refuge to war criminals? Is this how we pay back the Syrian people caught between the terrors of Assad and ISIS?

Mind you, many Syrians are happy to see these Alawite criminals out of circulation in Syria even before they taste full defeat on its battlefields. But they should not be free enjoying life after taking so many lives. They will only fuel more antisemitism and hate. 

There are already some estimates that up to 200,000 Alawite and their families have settled in Europe and the U.S. The absolute majority of whom are innocent Syrians caught in the savagery of war. But there is also a large handful of Assad war criminals posing as Syrian refugees after they slipped through the cracks to settle in Europe.

If these criminals are not brought to justice in The Hague, it is tantamount to Europe printing new brochures titled “Welcome to all war criminals”.

If you really care about the Syrian people, show them you care about your own international laws first.

Assad War Criminals Posing as Syrian Refugees


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