250 Pro-Assad Troops Killed Near Damascus

250 Pro-Assad Troops Killed Near Damascus

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The Al-Souria Syrian news website, quoting the AKI Italian news agency, reported on Friday that 150 Republican Guards were killed near Damascus last week the result of fighting against moderate rebel forces. AKI cited Assad military sources.

The agency noted that the military sources, unauthorized to contact the media, also declared that 100 pro-Assad irregular militias have been killed in the fighting itself. In total, there were 250 pro-Assad troops killed.

The sources added that the moderate rebel fighters surprise attack, that resulted in 250 pro-Assad troops killed, caught the Republican Guards unprepared. It initially resulted in the death of 145 Republican Guards. Five more succumbed to their wounds later. The Republican Guards are considered an elite force whose only goal is to defend the Republican Palace, which means Baschar al-Assad.

The AKI Syrian military sources revealed the existence of “gaps” in the defensive positions of the Republican Guards that permitted the moderate rebels to exploit in their attacks. These “gaps” were used by the Republican Guards top brass to smuggle contraband to the besieged region of Ghouta. The moderate rebels used the same corridors to mount their deadly attacks against the Republican Guards.

Corruption among the top Assad military is legendary in Syria. In this instance, it caused 250 pro-Assad troops killed.

On another front, the “Jaish al-Fateh” began earlier this week an attack north of the capital Damascus that yielded many pro-Assad military buildings and important centers near the Wafedeen Camp. In the process, they captured the Military Security Center, a pillar of tyranny against the Syrian people.

Such military achievements help the Jaish al-Fateh gain the hearts and minds of the Syrian people.

Something the Obama National Security team needs to understand well when it sets a policy to attack ISIS, but not the Assad regime.

250 Pro-Assad Troops Killed Near Damascus


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