I get it now, Assad is protected to torture Israelis

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Blood spills, children are massacred with intentional sniper bullets, cities are besieged, detainees are tortured savagely, and peaceful demonstrators are killed consistently, but, I have come to the belief, the world keeps Assad protected and in power for one reason only: They need him to torture, in addition to Syrians, Israelis as well. If he has to kill Iraqis, Americans, Lebanese, Libyans to get to the final goal of torturing Israelis, so be it. If they can no longer build ovens, they will protect people who will build the ovens for them.

Numskull policy makers don’t see it. They still believe they can create peace with Assad, using red ink from the blood of his own people. Many Israelis on the left think Assad is the answer when, in reality, he is a monster created for their own destruction. But some smart Israelis, like Sever Plocker, are discovering fast the folly of this dead end for the Jews in the region. Peace is not a piece of paper.

Proof you ask? Compare the Gaza humanitarian flotilla to the one sent to Syria by Erdogan (Don’t bother to look for it, it never happened). Compare the loud voices heard when Israel is accused of killing young al-Dura, which it turned out to be a total hoax, to the deafening silent over the killing of many children by Assad with multiple videos to prove it. Syrians rising will derail their plans and they cannot have this, can they?

What can Israel do? Fight back by fighting on behalf of the Syrian people.

Today, Erdogan has lost all credibility in Syria because he is oscillating between Assad and the people of Syria and Syrians smell a rat in him. Ahmadinejad is dispatching his IRGC killers and Hezbollah murderers to kill Syrians and Syrians know it. Saudi Arabia is numb and dumb, at the leadership level that is. Egypt is busy with its own Revolution. And those scoundrels Hamas and the MB, after failing to get a deal to rule with Assad with Erdogan’s help, just yesterday supported the Revolution in Syria. Only seven weeks late, that’s all. Hamas is being kicked out of Syria because they did not agree to Assad’s terms.

If Benjamin Netanyahu comes out in support of the Syrian people, vocally and publicly, he will be our hero. Not Assad, not Erdogan, and not the dead beats in the Gulf. Impossible you say? Show me a loss column then. There is a huge vacuum in Syria today because the Syrian people feel the world has abandoned them. BB, fill the vacuum.

This will be a PR coup of gargantuan proportions. Already Syrians are calling from inside Dara’a and Latakya for Israel to save them. Would it not be something if Israelis share their fate with the Syrian people to confront those who wish us both harm?

Think offense. Think how to destroy Assad once and for all to save the region.


  • Farid,

    I am ashamed of how the US government — my government — is handling this. Hillary Clinton and other US politicians continue to call Assad a “reformer” who we can negotiate peace with. I’m sorry for this…and I’m also sorry about the tens of millions of Americans who were more interested in the Royal Wedding than the horror show that took place in Syria on Friday.

    I hope that YOUR hopes come true and Israel steps in to do what the rest of the world will not. It would be the perfect response to the “Palestinian unity government” and the pressure that the world is putting on Israel to accept it.

    • Excellent post. Israel Matzav always made sense to me and his/her last Blog helps us to understand ourselves and our neighbors. We both should start a common Blog to call: Seeds of Peace in which both Syrians and Israelis participate in. Any takers?
      Will respond to IM in a Blog soon.. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

      • Definitely – we should have a stronger dialogue and alliance together… will have to pop back when something is set up for this purpose.

  • Great Post!!! I hope that BIBI stands up in that neighborhood of bullies and thugs and does the right thing : Appeal to the people, the reformists, the average person that wants a progressive/freer/more peaceful and economically – advantaged life. ASSad and Erdogen have to GO. AchmadinoNUTJOB and that Pig Nassralah have to GO. It’s long past time.
    You’re so right when in Your post You say, “Now is the time”. Now IS the time.

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