[singlepic id=165 w=320 h=240 float=] Caption: The Criminal Regime. Baschar, Maher, Rami, and Hezbollah.

An article in a Lebanese newspaper (In Arabic) suggested that the head of Turkish intelligence, now visiting Syria, is carrying a tough letter from Erdogan to Assad giving him 48 hours to stop killing his people. What a bunch of hogwash.. Tough letter? 48 hours?

Maybe he gave Assad 48 hours to stop the uprisings and not to stop the killing. Big difference.

Videos after videos we receive from Syria tell us this Revolution will not be over anytime soon. One cameraman taking a video of the rockets that landed on homes in Dara’a says to Assad: “We will never stop until you kill the last child in Dara’a, then you can govern our corpses”.

Welcome to Syria’s new youth generation unwilling to see others live free while Assad shackles their minds, tongues, hands, and legs.

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