The Gehenna Quartet Meeting in Cairo

The Gehenna Quartet Meeting in Cairo

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Just snap a picture in your mind of a quartet meeting taking place in Egypt today. Those present are Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood), Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu (Muslim Brotherhood), Iranian foreign minister Ali Akhbar Salehi (Wilayet al-Faqih), and the 72-year old Saudi foreign minister who was unable to attend due to surgery. His representative also failed to attend (Absent Wahabbism). Had it succeeded, we would have called it the Gehenna Quartet meeting.

They are all meeting to decide the fate of Syria. Islamists meeting to decide the fate of a supposed secular regime in Syria with full acquiescence from its secularist dictator. Believe the lies.

Absent from this meeting are any moderates, be it Sunnis or Shia, Muslims or non-Muslims. Moderates that would represent the real majority in Syria who want nothing to do with the Iranian, the Egyptian, the Saudi, or the Turkish governments as they stand with their ideologies.

Traditionally, the west has been our spokesman because of the nature of oppressive rulers in that part of the world. However, since the west is absent, no one is speaking for the millions of disfranchised Syrians.


Any wonder why terror has won in that part of the world?

Any wonder why the migration of the minorities will increase regardless of what might happen in the Syrian civil war?

Regime change à la rifle butt is our only hope. But the Iraqi casualties, in addition to a US president who believes in collectivism, are preventing the US from even considering the higher costs associated with leaving this vast responsibility to Islamist extremists. They are the real destroyers of the region.

Unless we are betting on these extremists to destroy each other first, which is our only hope.

But, this “Maltese” quartet meeting is as much about Syria as it is about dividing the Muslim world in the Middle East.

We are not betting people but we will bet with anyone the Gehenna Quartet will utter the word “Israel” far more times than the word “Syria”. “Israel” unites them while “Syria” divides them the way it divides Sunnis from Shia.

Are we being naive about extremists destroying each other? Or will the next few months, to be eagerly awaited, show the rift between Sunnis and Shia to be far more powerful than calculating evil men?

We are keeping our fingers crossed (or rather crescented).

The Gehenna Quartet Meeting


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