Syrian Transitional Government? No Such Thing

Syrian Transitional Government? No Such Thing

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Members of the Syrian opposition reported today that their meeting in Istanbul to elect a prime minster for a Transitional Government, Western backers and Arab nations have been pressing for, failed in its mission to agree on an alternative figure to Assad. As a result, the National Coalition formed a five-member committee to find a way out of the logjam within 10 days. Syrian Transitional Government? No such thing.

Within the context of the words “Transitional Government”, the words “Transitional“ implies it is a temporary state and the word “Government” implies it is the highest power in the land. It literally translates to “A Temporary State of High Power”.

Now consider that meaning within an Arab world ruled by either dictatorial families under the guise of a League calling itself The Arab League (Legitimacy by association with The League of Nations, the old name of the United Nations) or para-military organizations that consider themselves outside the rule of law like Hamas, Hezbollah, The Mahdi Army, etc, etc, etc.

Competing Powers

Consider also that temporary access to power within the context of competing Arab States or competing ideologies. As in Qatar competing against Saudi Arabia (especially in Syria). So are the Saudi Wahabbis competing against the Egyptian-founded Muslim Brotherhood. As well as the “resistance” camp under the banner of the IRGC of Iran competing against anyone who refuses to adopt it. Further to that are the remaining weaklings of liberal, Socialists, or Ba’athists competing against each other and the religious MB.

There is no such thing as a Syrian Transitional Government. Whomever is “chosen” by the Syrian opposition, which was hand-picked by PM Erdogan, the Qataris, and the Saudis, will be just another dictator. He will take over to begin the process of following in the footsteps of Morsi of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood is not about to let this opportunity go by them without a fight; after all, PM Erdogan and Emir al-Thani of Qatar are squarely behind the Muslim Brotherhood.

Select Well or Die

If the Syrian opposition elects a prime minister who is even remotely associated with the MB or does not have the strong personality to tame the MB, the minorities of Syria will keep fighting with Assad. Therefore, it behooves the West to twist some arms. The Syrian opposition, for two important reasons, has no business meeting in Istanbul. Istanbul represents a slice of history the Orthodox Church sees as history repeating itself. It is also the city that rocks and nurtures the cradle of the Muslim Brotherhood.

If the West fears the stigma of an opposition labeled as foreign-induced, it is as foreign as Istanbul. A city in a country we share our history with, but not origins or language.

Syrian Transitional Government? No Such Thing


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