Everyday starts with watching new videos, new images, and reading new stories of horror. Everyday starts with calling family members, friends, and Syrian dissidents in the hope everyone is as motivated as ever to keep fighting the barbarity of Assad. The life of a dissident helping his people free themselves from tyranny is heavenly compared to the life many Syrian dissidents I know spend contemplating the death and the destruction befalling the very same people.

Assad‘s savagery has no limit and his targeting of impoverished families in their own homes is as cowardly as those Nazis who gazed the Jews during WWII. The difference between killing young men fighting for their freedom and targeting women and children in their own bedrooms cannot be expressed in words.

I truly pity that man in power who can save millions with one signature but refuses to help for fear he may hurt the feelings of another man pressing the buttons of war and destruction from behind the Kremlin walls.

My sense is that Obama‘s foreign policies and missed opportunities will be the subject of many books to come backed by good intelligence leaks after he leaves office, especially that his own VP threw the hard working intelligence community under the bus during his debate with Rep. Ryan by concluding the Benghazi fiasco was theirs to man-up to. Having lived for 37 years in Washington, this town is as much about settling scores as it is about survival of the politically fit and score settling with the Obama legacy will begin after this election.

My only hope is that we will learn about the missed opportunities in Syria.

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