Limit Obama’s damage by voting for anyone but a Democrat

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Pity all those democrats en route to their own guillotine. Few of them deserve better than to pay with their political careers the negative balance sheet Barack Obama has been constructing so deliberately. Today, many democrats regret supporting or voting for this unknown horse who showed promise jumping the gate but has since been stumbling to the finish line like no other president in recent history.

This Tuesday, let us all limit Obama’s damage by voting for anyone but a democrat who supported Barack Obama.

Very few democrats would dare say publicly that they should have supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 instead of a president more interested in scoring points against his foes than protecting his own party. Yes, he is a fund raising machine, but could it be that he is drying the well for Hillary? After all, Barack Obama delights in petty politics. Come 2016 if Hillary loses, Obama would more than likely pop the champagne privately.

To say that Barack Obama is unfit to be our president amounts to the democratic machine admitting the folly of supporting his candidacy. That day will be reserved for the American public once it uncovers all the damaging secrets Obama hid from all of us. Mind you, Obama knows it and maybe he has his own embedded Edward Snowden arming him with ammunition to fire later at his critics. When Obama watches Assad kill and torture tens of thousands of Syrians without batting an eyelash, you had better believe Obama would raid the NSA for his own benefit.

Come Tuesday, I will be standing behind that electronic machine in Potomac, MD and will automatically tap any box whose candidate ends with the letter R next to his/her name. Honestly, I could care less who they are, and I could care less about their position on any issues (Never done this before). All I am going to care about is to boot any democrat from office. The DNC supported and backed Barack Obama, let us send the DNC the message it deserves. Enough Obama.

Had I known better, I would have entered a stray dog in the race for my district. It would have a better chance of winning a seat in Congress than any democrat supporting Barack Obama.

Let us limit Obama’s damage by voting for anyone but a democrat.

Limit Obama’s damage by voting for anyone but a democrat


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