Here comes the bomb

Here comes the bomb

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In the timeless Beatles song “Here comes the sun,” the opening lyrics go like this “Here comes the sun, here comes the sun, and I say it’s all right”.

During a NIAC held address by Phillip Gordon, Obama’s point man on Middle Eastern affairs, Caroline Glick described Mr. Gordon’s address:

In an address on Saturday night before the National Iranian-American Council, Phillip Gordon, the White House’s coordinator for the Middle East, said that if US-Iranian talks on Iran’s nuclear weapons program lead to an agreement, they can pave the way for the reestablishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. In his words, “A nuclear agreement could begin a multi-generational process that could lead to a new relationship between our countries.”

Gordon’s statement was a blunt departure from the White House’s previous position that the only gain Iran would make by obeying binding UN Security Council resolutions that prohibit the Islamic theocracy from enriching uranium would be the abrogation of economic sanctions that were adopted to force Iran to end its illicit nuclear activities.

In other words, Obama’s tune in the shower must go like this: “Here comes the bomb, here comes the bomb, and I say it’s all right”. Our president is willing to permit a regime with blood on its hands on five different continents to be trusted not to build a nuclear weapon based on a promise for better relations with the US.

Here comes the bomb.

It never occurred to this president that maybe Khamenei’s rejections of the US in general is a sign he cares very little about relations with the US (Khamenei blasted the US for striking its archenemy ISIL). Such an alliance with the US may be a burden if Khamenei is to impose Iranian hegemony unto the region when US voters elect a less naïve president in 2017.

A nuclear bomb in the hands of the Iranian regime is a threat to every country that does not fall in line with Khamenei’s dictate, which is not very different from ISIL forcing people to convert. Syrians and Syrian-Americans should be as concerned about a nuclear Iran as any other nation in the region.

Here comes the bomb.

What is also remarkable about what Phillip Gordon said during his NIAC address, which Glick correctly alluded to, was the Obama Administration willingness to ignore the terror of Iran and by extension the terrors of the Assad regime, Hezbollah, and Hamas, which is already in play considering Obama has ignored so comfortably the genocide Assad has committed.

Glick observed:

In his remarks to NIAC – a group that the vast majority of Iranian-Americans view as the unofficial lobby of the Iranian regime – Gordon said that due to the importance of the nuclear issue, to make progress in nuclear talks, the US is willing to ignore Iran’s support for terrorism and other crimes.

If Assad or the IRGC or Hezbollah had any reservations about torturing and murdering people, Obama, through Gordon, just gave them publicly the green light to follow their dreams. Clandestinely, Obama has given that green light ever since the Syrian civil war started. This is one of many reasons Obama is not assisting the Free Syrian Army to defeat Assad, nor will he ever. He wasted $500 million of taxpayers’ money funding the FSA just for appearances.

No one at this White House truly understands the Sunni-Shia divide. If they had, they would know that it is a folly to believe that ISIL or any other Sunni extremism can be defeated as long as the Khamenei regime threatens the region.

Supporting the Green Movement in Iran has become an existential issue for anyone opposing Khamenei.

Here comes the bomb


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