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Today, the United States of America is leaderless due to the fact it is being manipulated so easily and comfortably by Iran.

President Obama believes he can negotiate with Iran a deal no one else has been able to achieve ever since the Mullahs of Iran ascended to power in 1979.

The not so secret negotiations in question were leaked to the New York Times and subsequently denied by the Obama administration. Qatar, the location of where those negotiations were being held should be of interest to the Syrian opposition, which recently accused on al-Ghad TV the leadership in Qatar of being complicit in weakening the Free Syrian Army in favor of the Assad regime.

Today, the Financial Times of London had an article discussing the repercussions of the bomb in Beirut and attributing it to Assad of Syria, but it also had the following paragraph:

“The threat of contagion was further underlined on Sunday, when Jordan reported that it had foiled a plot by an al-Qaeda-linked cell to destabilise the country”™s security by bombing shopping centres and assassinating western diplomats. Security forces said they had detained 11 suspects plotting to carry out attacks in Amman using smuggled weapons and explosives brought from Syria.

As Iran toys with the one and only Obama, Assad and Iran spread terror to Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan using proxies like al-Qaeda.

Obama, meanwhile, is still sleeping at the helm.


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