President Obama is one of those people who sees America as the evil doer (That’s why he apologizes so often to foreign leaders and that’s why Putin, Chavez, and Castro have endorsed him so enthusiastically), which renders him disposed to side with America’s enemies first to assess and correct. The only foreign organization he has fought against from day one was al-Qaeda because he could not afford to take a soft stand against an organization the American public knows stands behind the terror of 9/11.

Foreign Relations Chairman Senator John Kerry has always been an Assad advocate even today as Assad kills and terrorizes.

Note in this NPR radio interview how he dodges the question of whether the US should arm the FSA for defensive purposes by stating that the Russians and the Chinese must also be a party to this decision. Worse even is how he sheds doubt about the FSA and the Syrian opposition. If Senator Kerry, who is Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and one who has access to precise intelligence reports, does not have answers to these questions, then this country is really in trouble. The problem is he has the answers but because of his support for Assad, Kerry speaks as if he was Assad’s PR manager and publicist.

In another NPR

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