How Islamism Grows in Syria

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The following has just been published by al-Jazeera and the Guardian of the UK. It seems the US State Department is circulating a draft report to keep Assad alive, kicking, and killing.

Unpublished Syrian Roadmap Draft Document – US State Dept


Syrian sources have revealed the US state department is promoting a roadmap for political reforms that would transform Bashar al-Assad regime, but leave him in place, the Guardian reported.

Syrian opposition source have revealed the US state department has been discreetly encouraging discussion of the unpublished draft document, which circulated at an opposition conference held on Monday in Damascus.

The 3000-word document call for “a secure and peaceful transtion to civil democracy”. It calls for tighter control over the security forces, disbanding of “Shabiha” gangs, legal rights to peaceful demonstrations, media freedoms, and the appointment of a transitional assembly.

If true, I cannot think of any better way for Islamism to grow in the region.


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