Burger King Turkey Bad Production of a Syrian “Les Miserables”

Burger King Turkey Bad Production of a Syrian “Les Miserables”

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Watch the video below and judge for yourself of what needs to happen. Sometimes one cannot help but think how cursed the Syrian people are. [Tweet “Even our children cannot escape violence in peaceful countries.”] 

The child’s parents, if he is not already an orphan, need to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Burger King Turkey.

If this happened in the US, the president of Burger King would resign and BG would compensate the child generously just because of the bad PR. Hopefully, Burger King USA will interfere in this case to protect its brand.

Burger King Worldwide publishes a document called “Code of Business Ethics and Conduct” in which it calls for accountability during investigating wrong doing by its employees. Hopefully, this kind of commitment to a code of ethics would lead to compensating this child so he never goes hungry again.

If this is not worth an investigation, then I do not know what may. A child from a destroyed country is beaten up because he is hungry and eating left-over fries. He did not even steal the fries. Burger King Turkey is behind a bad production of a Syrian Les Miserables.

This is why America is such a great nation. It is all about the little things others rarely appreciate. In the US, such incidents, when they happen, create such an outcry that a company like Burger King cannot but react positively. It seems Burger King Turkey could care less about compensating a child that one of their employees injured.

In fact, If I were Burger King America, I would find a US home for this child if he is an orphan so he never has to go hungry again. Imagine the great publicity from such an act of benevolence. 

Do contact Burger King Investor’s Relations to complain about the response of their Turkish operators. Nothing like bad publicity to create equitable and social balance.

Burger King Turkey Bad Production of a Syrian “Les Miserables”


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