For those of us watching the Syrian tragedy unfold over the last 20 months, there is only one conclusion we can make: Don’t tell anyone in the Obama Administration that the Syria Policy has failed miserably because if they cannot take responsibility for Benghazi when American blood and flesh was at stake, how can we expect them to take responsibility for US lack of action on Syrian mass massacres and blood spilling like rivers? Taking responsibility is one of the pillars of western civilization because it provides the onus for self-correction. That does not seem to apply during this Obama era.

When President Obama spoke about Syria for about one minute during his last press conference, his words were rosy but meaningless. We have not moved one inch on Syria except for the diplomatic effort to unite the opposition only to tell its leaders afterwards that there will be no meaningful weapons to defend yourselves with.

The worst part about this are the leaks to appease everyone. There are leaks to appease Russia, which is represented by plain silence on Syria, and then there are leaks to appease the mainstream media just starting to ask the tough questions on Syria now that the elections are over (See latest by Thomas Friedman titled “Obama’s Nightmare“) and sometimes there are leaks to appease the Syrian opposition, the European leaders starting to question Obama‘s leadership, and even Israel (The latest on that score is this item titled “Pentagon Says 75,000 Troops Might Be Needed to Seize Syria Chemical Arms”).

On that last item, Obama actually believes this sort of leak is credible enough to get everyone off his back.

Hell will freeze over before Obama sends American troops to Syria or anywhere else. I am certainly not one to ask for US troops to land in Syria because if my people can save themselves with enough outside support in the form of US advanced weapons purchased by the Gulf States, then there is absolutely no need to put American lives in harm’s way.

It’s fair then to ask President Obama a very reasonable question on Syria: Where do we go from here?

Forget the Syrian opposition and the finger pointing (I know for a fact oppositionists would have united a long time ago if they observed any serious effort to help Syrians). Forget the leaks and the rhetoric  Forget the spin and the appeasements. Forget the lies and the ducking-for-cover-Washington-Style. Where do we go from here Mr. President? What are your plans on Syria? Can you tell us something that would stop the killing and the destruction? It’s really under your watch, not Bush.

Grant you that in diplomacy, Obama‘s only tool, balancing is a difficult act. No one, however, gets the sense that diplomacy is working or that it will result into a secure exit strategy that the US and the region are closer to than when the Syrian Revolution started. Everyone I speak to seems to be asking where do we go from here.

The scandals brewing in Washington are not helping; nor is the fiscal cliff, which is on everyone’s mind. Under these circumstances, it would sound quite bizarre if this administration diverted the media’s attention to Syria because there is nothing good emanating from the White House to report there. Maybe this latest Pentagon leak, so dubious in its nature, would get everyone’s epicenter jarred long enough to divert attention from other failures.

I wish I could say the Obama Administration is managing a successful policy on Syria. Nothing would please me more than to celebrate American exceptionalism and Syrian freedom at the hands of a President I may not agree with all the times but I am willing to give him the benefits of the doubt.

On Syria, I cannot think of one good thing this President has done except try and fail. He tried to get Russia on-board but he failed; he tried to get Assad to accept a deal but he failed; he tried to ignore the Syrian people in the hope the Revolution would fizzle out the way the Iranian one did in 2009 but we failed to follow the expected protocol and Obama‘s wishes.

The Syrian people are still dying, Russia remains stuck in its Bolshevik era bubble achievements, the opposition is united, and Europe is asking what next.

Can you dunk that ball Mr. President?

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