Saudi Arabia Would Cease to Exist If …

Saudi Arabia Would Cease to Exist If …

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Saudi Arabia would cease to exist, within a short period of time, if the Kingdom does not step up to arm the Syrian rebels with sophisticated weapons.

For those who fully grasp U.S. policy imperatives in the Middle East know that there are three taboos the U.S. would go to war to prevent.

Taboo One: Prevent nuclear weapons from falling in the hands of rogue countries, regimes, or terrorists.

Taboo Two: The safety and security of the State of Israel.

Taboo Three: The unimpeded flow of oil to motorize Western economies.

As long as those three taboos are respected, the U.S. has always turned a blind eye to the excesses of Arab rulers to include tyranny and oppression.

Barack Obama has, in seven years, removed all these taboos in two different acts with the third coming up soon.

Act 1: The Iran Deal, which secures a nuclear future for Iran and the high probability Iran would attack Israel at some point in the future.

Act 2: Vacate the region and allow Russia and China to control the flow of all Middle East oil. Syria is the entry point towards this larger goal.

Act 3 (Coming up): Remove Mecca and Medina from the hands of the Arabs who can no longer be trusted to rule over religion.

The last act is dependent on the Syrian rebels losing to Russia with Obama’s help, which he is already lending by backing off supporting the rebels.

Saudi Arabia would cease to exist if it does not join the war in Syria to stop Barack Obama from deploying his sinister goals to weaken America. Of all the victims Barack Obama is targeting, Saudi Arabia would represent the lion’s share if it loses control of Mecca and Medina to the Iranian Mullahs.

Obama, Putin, and Khamenei are all in cohort behind these three acts. Obama because he hates America and Israel, Putin because he hates America and Sunni Islam, and Khamenei because he hates America, Israel, and Sunni Islam. Never in the history have three minds, supposedly on opposite tracks, met to deconstruct American power and influence in three little acts with such stealthy precision.

To throw a monkey’s wrench in Obama’s plans, Saudi Arabia has no choice but to respond in Syria. In our honest opinion, Saudi Arabia would cease to exist if it does not fight for its life in Syria.

Saudi Arabia Would Cease to Exist If …


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