Russian Puppet to Die in Russia

Russian Puppet to Die in Russia

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Assad wants to die in Syria. But the Russian puppet to die in Russia most likely.

Assad, in an interview with Russian TV, made this statement:

I’m not a puppet, and I was not made by the West to go to the West or to any other country. I am Syrian. I was made in Syria and to live and die in Syria.

The problem with this statement is that Assad was not really made in Syria. His family was made in the Soviet Union back in 1957. At the time, the Syrian Government, under the tutelage of President Shukri al-Quwatli and his Minister of Defense Abd al-Hassib Raslan, dispatched Hafez al-Assad to the Soviet Union to train, as a pilot, on the MiG 17 Syria purchased from the Nikita Khrushev regime.

Because Assad grandfather Suleiman attempted to split the Alawite Sahel region from Syria by asking the French to help, the Soviet Union saw it as an opportunity to install their own puppet in Damascus. The reason for Suleiman’s letter was Sunni Muslim hatred for the Alawites whom they considered as Shia infidels.


Thus, in 1957, began the long journey for the Assad family to control Syria using the Soviet-style of brimstone and fire to murder their foes. Today’s war in Syria is a just another chapter of a long-standing policy the Soviets implemented by using the Assad family as enforcers.

No Syrian would kill his people so savagely as this man has in the past two years. And for what? So that he remains in power. All these lost lives for a wish of one man.

Just sickening to think that such mental cases still exist.

Assad lived in Britain and Syria but he will die in Syria. His refusal to leave peacefully means he welcomes death. We believe the Syrian people will grant him his wish soon.

Russian Puppet to Die in Russia


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