Assad Must Go But Obama Will Go Before Assad Does

Assad Must Go But Obama Will Go Before Assad Does

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To get a sense of how ignorant, weak, weak, inept, and incompetent Barack Obama is, one has to follow his policies. One such policy Obama set in motion some four years ago rests on three simple words “Assad must go“. It now appears that Obama will go before Assad does.

We believe no U.S. President, post-World War II, who set his sight on regime change in a country was instead outlasted by the dictator of that country. The exception is Cuba, but then President Kennedy lasted three years in office only.

For Barack Obama, this reality exemplifies his tenure as a failed President who could not even remove a weak dictator from office even though he had 70% of the Syrian population fighting in support of his policy of ousting Assad. For all intended purposes, Assad might well have said “Obama must go”, and he would have been right.

Assad’s most lethal weapon is the use of terror by proxy. All his tanks, fighter jet, and heavy artillery pieces were destroyed by rag-tag rebels using basic weapons (With the exception of TOW). He forged ISIS in Syria to stop the West from removing him from power and it worked. Instead of Assad must go, it is more than likely Obama will go before Assad does.

You will never read about this miserable concept in the Washington Post or the New York Times, nor will Obama’s library point to it by showing the President being ushered out of the White House by none other than the psychopath Baschar al-Assad (Cartoon anyone?), but historians might allude to this notion, with sufficient research to back it, indicating that the U.S. President Barack Obama, who set his sight on removing Assad from power, found himself instead leaving the premises of the White House while the psychopath Assad was in Damascus still ruling.

Is this befitting of a U.S. President? Certainly not. Is this befitting of Barack Obama? His incompetence earned him this piece of history. Whether he likes or not.

Next time Obama says “Assad must go”, just ask him “Before you go, Mr. President?”

Assad Must Go But Obama Will Go Before Assad Does


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