ABC News and Extreme Islam

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Twitter Plus January 21
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As I was driving to pick my daughter from work today, I was listening to ABC News interviewing an “expert” on terror (Missed his name). The expert said that the terror acts in Rome against the Chilean and the Swiss Embassies may have been carried out by highly educated people like the Unibomber. Not one word about Islamic terror or al-Qaeda.

It seems that no one wants to say that extremist Muslims may have committed this crime. ABC News chose to air the words of an apologist rather than look politically incorrect by blaming extreme Islam.

The question I have for these apologists and for ABC News is: How do you expect us Muslims to fight Islamic extremists when their targets refuse to admit their terror?

I am beginning to think that those who are violent and who terrorize everyone know something we certainly did not know: Violence scares westerners and they easily submit to its will. Case in point: Just look how Sarkozy received Assad, the most violent unelected Arab, Napoleonically.


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