Many Benevolent Countries Are Rushing to Aid Lebanon

Many Benevolent Countries Are Rushing to Aid Lebanon

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France, Turkey and Gulf states are among countries offering help to Lebanon following an explosion at a warehouse in Beirut that killed at least 100 people and injured nearly 4,000. Many benevolent countries are rushing to aid Lebanon.

What Lebanon needs as well is a professional body to investigate the causes of the explosion. With Hezbollah evil lurking below the surface, the world has the right to know what exactly happened.

Below are some of the countries that have mobilized in the last 12 hours.


President Emmanuel Macron’s office said France would send 55 security personnel to Lebanon and 6 tonnes of health equipment. Also, he offered the assistance of /10 emergency French doctors to fly to Beirut to cater to aid severely injured.

Palais de l’Élysée announced that President Macron will be visiting Lebanon tomorrow.

Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Twitter:

France is always on the side of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. It is ready to offer assistance depending on the needs expressed by Lebanese authorities.

Lebanon has special relations with France, a country the Lebanese love and respect.


Kuwait has delivered medical aid and other essentials. The ministry of health said Kuwaiti aid arrived in Lebanon by military plane on Wednesday morning and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent said it would offer whatever help Lebanon needed, Kuwait television reported.

Qatar state news agency QNA said the country had dispatched a first military plane carrying medical aid on Wednesday. Three more planes were to follow later in the day containing two field hospitals of 500 beds each, equipped with respirators and other necessary medical supplies.


The Netherlands is sending a specialized search and rescue team to Lebanon consisting of 67 doctors, nurses, firemen and police officers to assist in the search for survivors trapped under rubble.

Russia’s emergencies ministries said it was sending five planes carrying medical equipment, a field hospital and medical personnel. It said all medical staff traveling to Beirut would be equipped with personal protective gear in light of the coronavirus pandemic.


Although Iran offered to help, many in Lebanon want to steer away from their occupiers. Ever since Hezbollah has controlled the Lebanese Government, nothing but disasters befell the country and its citizens, and there is a prevailing belief that a weak Lebanon benefits Iran.

Yesterday, both the United States and Germany also offered to help Lebanon in its hour of need.

Reuters contributed to this article.

Many Benevolent Countries Are Rushing to Aid Lebanon


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