Mr. President, Are You Making Russia Great Evil Again?

Mr. President, Are You Making Russia Great Evil Again?

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While Trump is busy tweeting irrelevancy, Russia is building-up its military to threaten the west. Mr. President, are you making Russia great evil again?

Here is what British Express wrote this morning:

… as Moscow is staging a significant naval show of strength in polar waters after dispatching warships on a summer patrol ostensibly to counter terrorism and other threats.

While Trump is busy attacking inconsequential people on Twitter, Russia, apparently, is reopening old Soviet bases in the Arctic. Mr. President, are you making Russia great evil again?

Meanwhile, The Independent, another British newspaper, cited U.S. Officials as concerned over new Russian space weapons that threaten our satellite systems directly. The Independent wrote:

The United States has voiced concern about Russia’s launch of a mysterious satellite that is exhibiting “very abnormal behaviour”, raising suspicions about Moscow’s pursuit of new space weapons.

If Trump is Asleep, Our Institutions Are Not

Below is a video of Yleem Poblete, US assistant secretary for arms control, verification and compliance, accusing Russia of troubling behavior.

Why not? Vladimir Putin has a friend in the White House who is more a man-child than a U.S. President. While Trump is busy tweeting about irrelevant matters, his buddy Putin is orchestrating a Soviet comeback to threaten the West militarily.

At this rate, Russia would seriously be a major threat to every country in the west. The new weapons Putin is building, and the old bases he is opening, only point to a confrontational attitude. Putin intends fully to take advantage of Trump’s incompetency.

Collusion with Russia? Yes, but in the form of Trump turning a blind eye while Russia concocts its vile comeback as an evil doer. Make America Great Again is really Making Russia Great Evil Again.

Not intentionally maybe. But certainly because Donald Trump is a nincompoops who is more capable of groping than growing. More capable of lying than leading.

While Trump is busy tweeting, Russia is building-up its military.

Mr. President, Are You Making Russia Great Evil Again?


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