Donald Trump Al Capone Connection

Donald Trump Al Capone Connection

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A.G. William Barr has buried the Mueller Report by condensing over 300 pages of probing Trump’s illegal activities into less than four. This kind of cherry picking demonstrates amply how depraved men rig the system to shield the elites; all the while subjecting everyone else to the full extent of the law. But for those who are conservative or liberal Republicans, rejoice in the fact that there is a Donald Trump Al Capone connection that will vindicate America.

The Southern District Court in New York is looking into Trump’s financials and other family affairs to peel his skin for a vampire showing. Because Trump knows his thin skin is about to be roasted like a chicken on a skewer, he attempted, behind the scenes, to rig the system. The New York Times reported:

Mr. Trump told The New York Times in 2017 that any examination of his family’s finances, beyond any relationship to Russia, would cross a red line, and last year he privately asked the former acting attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker, if someone he viewed as loyal could be put in charge of the investigations at the Manhattan office, The Times reported last month.


The man who accuses his foes of rigging the system is himself the rigger-par-excellence. Obviously there is a Donald Trump Al Capone connection here. If the American people cannot indict the President for his corruption, interference, and lying, then let the courts indict him for financial improprieties.

Mueller had one duty. Show proof of collusion with Russia. The courts, on the other hand, can go where a trail, any trail, takes them. No restrictive mandates to block any wrongdoing. This is why Trump tried to take control of the Southern District Court by rigging the system.

Consider also the fact that collusion with Russia was a time-limiting affair. Trump’s financials and corrupt practices span his lifetime. The trove of information is limitless, and the statutes play in favor of the government. Furthermore, any interference with the courts will not be tolerated by the judges. They are keen on keeping their domain infection-free from the Trump virus. Any respectable judge would not hesitate to leak any information about outside interference, which might open a new FBI investigation against the president.


For once, America must come clean about standing by the laws our democracy cherish and respect. If we bury the truth about Donald Trump, we are burying America under the dark clouds of cronyism and favoritism. The chasm would be irreparable, and only revolutions usually make the corrections at a price too high for the country.

A.G. William Barr has done a great disservice to his country. History will not be kind to his short-lived harmful legacy of perpetuating the corrupt practices of nefarious and immoral men.

No American should ever forgive Donald Trump for asking Russia to hack into our computer systems to help in the recovery of Clinton’s 33,000 emails. And no American should forgive him for siding with our arch-enemy Putin against our own institutions. If Trump is that stupid, he should not be president, and if he is that smart, we should lock him up for treason.

Donald Trump Al Capone Connection


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