If True, Shame on the Iraqi Leadership

If True, Shame on the Iraqi Leadership

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Sometime ago, Anonymous, a group of hackers operating around the world, uncovered that the eavesdropping technology the Assad regime was using to capture, torture, and kill any Syrian who expresses an opinion against its rule on Facebook or any other media was manufactured by a US Company called Blue Coat Systems. Shame on the Iraqi leadership for facilitating Assad surveillance of the people of Syria.

Blue Coat Systems specializes in Internet surveillance technology. There are some sixty one governments around the world that use their technology to monitor dissidents. Citizen Lab issued a report about the use of Blue Coat technology to censor and oppress hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Blue Coat has been acquired by Symantec, which still, to the best of our knowledge, sells Blue Coat technology to rogue regimes.

US laws prohibit the sale of sensitive technology to rogue regimes that support terrorism.

On October 31, Blue Coat Systems issued a statement claiming that 13 of the 14 devices that were supposed to be delivered to the Iraqi Ministry of Communications ended-up in Syria. Blue Coat even provided an authentic end-user certificate showing the equipment arriving in Iraq via Dubai.

The Iraqi government denied sending the equipment but it provided nothing more than just denials. No logical explanation, no investigation, no inquiry, and no regret. 

This is the first time Syrians have an irrefutable proof the the Iraqi leadership is suppressing the Syrian street by lending a hand to a brutal dictator. It seems the Iraqis involved in this scheme have forgotten how Syrians fought by their side to free their country from another brutal dictator. It also seems that brutality against others is something the Maliki Government is not only willing to live with but also willing to assist with.

Welcome to the world of Saddam in a post-Saddam era. The United States should have never freed Iraq from his grip.

What else are the Iraqi leadership doing to help kill Syrians?

Shame on the Iraqi leadership 


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