Do You Feel Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?

Do You Feel Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?

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Elections 2012” were more about learning than changing. We learned about what went wrong and we kept the same balance of power with the same faces, the same baggage, and the same animosities.  Do you feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog day?

Many will over analyze the results, but in our humble opinion it is all about two things only: 1) Neo-Americans no longer believe in the American Dream. They would rather get one free handout from their own government than hunt for two on their own and, 2) Women voters, representing 54% of the votes, have had a better experience with the Democrats than the Republicans (Especially when two Republican Senatorial candidates -Akin and Murdouch- offended them deeply during their campaigns).

This morning, we felt like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.

President Obama is armed with a referendum to govern for another four more years. How different in style and substance he will be, no one is sure; but many will tell you he will remain loyal to the Obama we have watched the last four years.


A penny for our thoughts, you ask? Here they are:

  1. Unlike the last four years when he was able to buy time, procrastinate, and develop amnesic tendencies to respond to crisis, in the next four years he won’t have that luxury because the chickens will come home to roost as a result of his first four years in office.
  2. Obama will have to deal with Syria sooner or later. Letting Assad destroy the country and giving him free reign to drag his neighbors into an intentional sectarian war cannot continue.
  3. America’s absence is preparing America’s foes to take advantage and once this happens, America will be dragged into the region. When you vacate a square on a Chess board, your opponent occupying that square gives him new advantages you may not be able to recover from.
  4. It’s absolutely naive on Obama’s part to think he can just ignore dangerous situations that have a direct impact on the US economy during his term.
  5. Obama will also have to deal with an Iranian nuclear program developing a nuclear arsenal aimed at all of its enemies in the Middle East and Europe. He has been too slow to acknowledge its danger and too passive to control its eminence. If America does not move swiftly on this festering foreign policy crisis, the GCC countries will have no choice but to secretly arm themselves with Pakistani nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.


Prior to that, we may see the Israelis ignore any pleas coming from its allies not to prepare to bomb Iran with immense help from facilities in the GCC. Maybe if gas prices go to $6 a gallon, President Obama will then have no choice but to act.

We also believe that Obama will have to deal with the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood courtesy of his Office, his aides, and the Near East Department at the State Department. It won’t be long before those rascals show us their true colors and how dangerous they could be when they shelf their Taqyya.

Like an iceberg, much is happening below the surface in the region because of Obama’s negligent attitude towards a nuclear Iran and an intentional sectarian war gifted by Assad. I believe it will all happen at once in the next six months and Obama will feel the pain of his procrastination.

It is foolish of us to think that America can ignore the turmoil in the Middle East or forget it is still leading this world no matter how hard our President tries.

Do You Feel Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?


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