Fault Obama for the Bastard Ben Rhodes

Fault Obama for the Bastard Ben Rhodes

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If you have not read the damning New York Times Magazine article shedding a bright light on the sick inner workings of Obama’s White House, you should. The article profiles his top foreign policy guru named Ben Rhodes whom Syrian-Americans knew was steering Syria into an abyss just to please Iran. Fault Obama for the bastard Ben Rhodes.

Fault Obama who gave Ben Rhodes the stature, the power, and the long leach to lie and cheat by creating an “echo chamber” from which this little Goebbels was running the media with harnesses, stirs, and blinders. Do you think our president did not know about the bastard Ben Rhodes’ manipulation of the media to sell a bad Iran Deal? What does that say about the persona of Barack Obama? What does that say about the ethics of our first black president?

The bastard Ben Rhodes also crafted the storyline behind Benghazi. The scandal that took the lives of four brave Americans Ben Rhodes discounted in an instant by citing a video that caused the impromptu riot by Muslim extremists. The bastard could care less about the truth.

Journalists like Laura Rozen was caught with her skirt down. She was – still is after this author had a heated exchange on Twitter with her about Obama abandoning Syria to the Mullahs in which she defended the president – a dumb megaphone in support of an Iran Deal that will cost us dearly when Iran violates it with a big mushroom cloud.

For those in the business of serious, not-Obama-biased journalism, I am certain they cannot help but squirm after reading the article. The bastard Ben Rhodes, a small nobody, comes across as the know-it-all jerk who took the foreign policy of this great nation and turned it into a narrative for a novel. It is truly sickening.

Just imagine leaders across the world either laugh or cry after reading the article. Many like Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu smelled the Rhodes rot emanating from an over-zealous White House at the expense of his nation. So did the Saudis who disdain everything Obama stands for. After all, he empowered a bunch of Mullah terrorists to pilfer and rape their way through Arab lands including my native country Syria. Courtesy of a nobody unpublished novelist named Ben Rhodes. Well done Mr. President.

Fault Obama for the bastard Ben Rhodes. Both their mind meld excoriating our basic right to know the truth illustrates to us amply who Barack Obama is. Nothing but a manipulative liar and cheat we should have never elected president.

Fault Obama for the Bastard Ben Rhodes



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