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The Spanish philosopher George Santayana (1863-1952) said “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”; in other words, history repeats itself. 

Today, the dynamics existing in the Middle East as related to US policies have an eerie parallel to those we saw take place between 1976 and 1980. Let’s compare.

During that period, US President Jimmy Carter facilitated a new era in Iran by giving Khomeini a chance to ascend to power by abandoning a US ally in the Shah of Iran. Some High Officials in the Carter administration have urged the President to abandon the Shah and to welcome the Khomeini era.

Today, Barack Obama abandoned Hosni Mubarak in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood ascending to power in Egypt. Similarly, some High Officials in the Obama administration have welcomed the MB rise to power. In fact, and prior to the MB winning the Egyptian elections, our own Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was quoted as claiming the MB is a secular organization.

Simultaneous to this action is Obama’s deliberate policy of ignoring the freedom revolution of 2009 in Iran the way he is ignoring the Syrian revolution of 2011. Revolutions that empower extremist elements seem to be the ones nurtured by far left-leaning US Presidents.

During the Carter era, the extremist Khomeinists in Tehran lashed out against the west by holding our Diplomats as hostages during a long and tortuous ordeal lasting 444 days. Egypt’s MB cannot go to these extremes yet, but given the chance the MB will lash out when strong enough to do so. They demonstrated that capability in Gaza.

Khomeini entered Iran having a consolidated base to strike immediately, Morsi of Egypt does not enjoy the same powers yet but is moving fast to quell all dissension and to weaken the powerful Egyptian military.

During the Carter era, civil war in Lebanon was already raging and was left unattended during the whole period of Carter’s tenure.

Under Obama, a freedom uprising in Syria turned into a civil war because of a deliberate policy of absenteeism.

Under the Khomeinists, Hezbollah was born from the ashes of the civil war in Lebanon aided by Iran. Hezbollah’s raison d”™Ãªtre was founded on the notion of oppressed Shia at the hands of the Sunnis of Lebanon. When realizing how damaging this was to US interests, the US dispatched its Marines to Lebanon. They were attacked viciously by Hezbollah and Assad of Syria, which caused the death of 242 US Marines. The US pulled out never to return to Lebanon.

What are the chances of another extremist organization rising from the ashes of the Syrian civil war, aided by the MB in Egypt, on the basis of being oppressed by the Alawites of Syria? The civil war in Syria is a breeding ground for such a scenario but instead of intervention, we are giving these parasites oxygen in the form of abandoning Syria. It will also be too late to send the US Marines.

Is it worth the risk considering the historical parallels and the obvious disposition of Obama? Have we forgotten the past and therefore we are condemned to repeat it?

Why are we standing by or encouraging Obama to abandon the Syrian revolution of 2011? Have we not learned a lesson of what may happen?

Can we afford to be wrong again?


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