Of all the labeling Obama’s foes have attributed to his personality, by far, cowardice is Obama’s most exceptional virtue. Barack Obama’s Pentagon has turned into a Disneyland. This is what happens when we trust the greatest military power in human history to a leaflet distributor.

And this is how Paul D. Shinkman described it in his article for U.S. News and World Report covering a Senate testimony of American war planners:

A key Republican senator dressed down the Obama administration’s war planners on Wednesday, describing as “embarrassing” their admission that the Pentagon hasn’t implemented a no-fly zone in Syria out of fear of confronting provocations from the Syrian and Russian militaries.

All this military hardware, all these brave men and women soldiers, all of the greatest assets exploiting the greatest military power have been belittled by Obama, and subjected to the whims of a genocidal maniac in Damascus and a thug in Moscow. Barack Obama’s Pentagon has turned into a Disneyland.

Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee chaired by Senator John McCain:

“If we’re asking the question, ‘Can we do it?’ the answer is ‘yes. Are we willing to engage the potential of a direct conflict with the Syrian integrated air defense system or Syrian forces or, by corollary, a confrontation with the Russians, should they choose to contest the no-fly zone?”

Those are the questions that have been asked, Selva said, and answered.

In response, many on the Committee showed visible discomfort and anger. Senator McCain whipped back:

“General, I must say, that’s one of the most embarrassing statements I’ve heard from a uniformed military officer. That we are worried about Syria’s and Russia’s reaction to saving the lives of thousands and thousands of Syrians who are being barrel bombed and massacred. So far, 240,000 of them.”

America’s greatest assets, demonstrated amply with its use of military power to protect its interests, have taken permanent residence at Disneyland. In fact, Barack Obama’s Pentagon has turned into a Disneyland

Our enemies do not respect us, and because of the cowardice of Barack Obama, even the weakest of dictators mock us by striking fear into our commander-in-chief.

Happy you voted for Barack Obama?

Barack Obama’s Pentagon Has Turned Into a Disneyland

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