On Charlie Rose, President Obama tried to explain Syria by telling us we are dumb, we lack the necessary information, and we should never question his decisions (Starts at 10:35m). Maybe you share with me how I interpreted his remarks:

“What I”™m saying is, that if you haven”™t been in the Situation Room”¦ Unless you”™ve been involved in those conversations, then it”™s kind of hard for you to understand the complexity of the situation and how we have to not rush into one more war in the Middle East.”

In fact, we are dumber than dumb and we did not know it before the President told us.

I wonder how the conversations went in the Situation Room when the first moderate FSA defectors were fleeing Assad”™s army and Mr. Obama refused to arm them, which invited extremism on both sides in the Muslim world to duke it out, in Syria, à la 7th century.

More than brains, we need information and facts to assess for ourselves, not a professor professorializing.

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