When Brutal Sadism Meets Willing Masochism

When Brutal Sadism Meets Willing Masochism

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In a Wall Street Journal’s opinion entitled “Syria’s Peace of The Grave“, the editors describe Secretary John Kerry perfectly with this sentence, “Mr. Kerry, who has never met a concession he wouldn’t make, has already conceded to allow an interim government to form with Mr. Assad still in power.” From our perspective, this fits perfectly with another idiom that also describes both Barack Obama and John Kerry well with regard to their relations with Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov, “When brutal sadism meets willing masochism”.

That perfect combination of brutal sadism, represented by the Putin’s world of extreme violence with Lavrov’s world of imposing his strong personality, could not have wished for a better and a more willing masochism represented by Barack Obama and John Kerry. The more Putin humiliates both men, the more silent and more docile they both become.

Take for example the latest assault on Aleppo, which is capturing such headlines from the liberal media as “Mr. Obama stands by silently as Russia continues its onslaught in Syria – The Washington Post“, or “Enough is enough — U.S. abdication on Syria must come to an end – also the Washington Post“, or “Syria, already a catastrophe, seems on the verge of an uncontrollable disaster – also the Washington Post“.

One would think that the White House would react to such negative publicity. In reality, though, Barack Obama and John Kerry feel quite comfortable as willing masochists being hammered by brutal sadists. They bask in the belief that their peace plan for Syria is the safest route to a successful denouement even as Syrian refugees flock the Turkish borders in the tens of thousands fleeing the imminent siege Assad and Putin will soon impose on the second largest city in Syria.

Syria and its innocent civilians have become the whip Putin and Lavrov are using to showcase the masochism of both Obama and Kerry. When brutal sadism meets willing masochism, it creates the dominating conditions to do nothing. Just as Obama is doing nothing to save Syria from the clutches of our worst enemies.

There are those analysts who would argue for one reason or another to justify Barack Obama’s silence. They may be right or they may be wrong. But no one has looked at the sexual inclinations of Obama’s and Kerry’s non-confrontational personalities when facing brutal and sadist men. This is not intended to humiliate them as much as it is intended to uncover the truth behind Obama’s silence and Kerry’s new role as the messenger boy of Sergey Lavrov. Should we not consider the slight possibility that their masochism is really what is driving the foreign policy of America today?

Psychiatrists are better equipped to analyze both men as history records accurately their behavior. Both men married strong women, and in the case of Barack Obama, he is led by two strong women, not just one. Is it possible the FSB (Russia’s CIA equivalent) is fully aware of both men masochistic inclinations, which has given Putin the impetus to invade Syria and destroy the rebels the US is backing? Vladimir Putin knows Barack Obama would never respond against his brutal sadistic approach. Putin reasoned that all Obama would do is remain silent, which is exactly what is taking place today.

Those urgent and alarming articles being published by the pro-Obama Washington Post in a matter of two days are telling of the masochistic disposition at display in the White House just as the brutal dictators of Syria and Russia embark on defeating and humiliating America. We beg you not to hold your breath to wait for Obama to change course because just as a whip exacts pleasure from a willing participant, so are Obama’s intentional silence and Kerry’s obedience to Lavrov dictating Syrian policy.

When Brutal Sadism Meets Willing Masochism


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