What is Wrong with Iraq?

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Amid all that destruction in Syria, Iraq, under PM al-Maliki, has facilitated the transport of weapons from Iran to the Assad regime and has taken sides in flagrant denial of Iraq‘s own principles of democracy, freedom, and human rights. When a country is freed from one oppressive ruler with so much pain and so much loss of life, yet returns to practicing the same policies of the past, it diminishes the potential for so many other countries in the region to have the same opportunities for freedom as they did. Does al-Maliki not know that his posture harms the Syrian people as much as it harms the Bahraini people?

More than becoming a facilitator for weapons killing civilians, al-Maliki’s statements are nuggets of inconsistencies in a region in dire need for wisdom. His latest was a reference to those who supply arms to the Syrian opposition by claiming it intends to destroy the Syrian people. His skies are a conveyor belt of arms to Assad killing Syrians, yet he thinks those who supply arms to the FSA to defend themselves are the culprits.

There is a lesson to be learned from all this. Never support an oppositionist who was resident in a host country as bad or even worse than the country the oppositionist came from. Inevitably, it’s payback cronyism for which everyone pays the price for.


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