Virtual No-Fly Zone Only Saudi Arabia Can Build

Virtual No-Fly Zone Only Saudi Arabia Can Build

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Despite the United Nations adopting a Resolution to condemn the use of Chlorine Gas against civilians, the Assad regime has systemically and methodically mocked all international condemnations and continued to barrel bomb civilians with the deadly gas the international community has prohibited its use as a weapon.

Syria, under the Assad regime, agreed to this prohibition in 2013. So much for trusting Assad the barbarian.

Only the Assad regime possesses helicopters the Russians clock their maintenance, and which are able to drop these chlorine gas barrel bombs.

Barack Obama has refused to institute a No-Fly Zone over Syria to protect its people. He fears offending the Mullahs of Iran participating fully in killing the innocent Sunni women and children of Syria.

After the failed meeting between Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Vladimir Putin, which resulted in Putin ordering the release of 60,000 confidential and secret Saudi cables through WikiLeaks, it is time for Saudi Arabia to up the ante against the Assad regime, which will indirectly help defeat the Houthis of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia can build a virtual No-Fly Zone over Syria by adopting a slight change in tactics to destroy Assad’s air capabilities.

To accomplish this virtual No-Fly Zone, Saudi Arabia should consider dispatching their own Special Forces to Idlib and Aleppo armed with Stinger missiles to down Assad’s helicopters. The days of relying totally on proxy fighters are over if Saudi Arabia wants to win in Yemen and Syria.

Since the Saudi Special Forces control the use of these Stinger missiles, the Kingdom would fully mitigate the risks of them falling in the wrong hands, thus threatening commercial flights flying over Syria.

By building a ground-based defense mechanism against the Assad Air Force, Saudi Arabia would be building its own rudimentary and virtual No-Fly Zone capable of protecting the Sunnis of Syria from a certain ill-fate at the hands of Assad.

Let Putin see his helicopters drop one after another from the Syrian skies to realize that King Salman is unlike any other Arab Sunni leader he has met yet.

If Saudi Arabia wins in Syria, it would be far easier to win in Yemen. The Iranians would run to the negotiating table to limit their losses.

Syria is key to winning in Yemen.

Virtual No-Fly Zone Only Saudi Arabia Can Build


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