Obama’s foreign policy chaos is rooted in conspiracies

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If someone asked you to describe Obama’s actions in uprooting or defeating ISIL, what word would serve you the best? Mine would be TIMID. I would also use the same word to describe his response to the Assad regime, his response to Iran’s Green Movement when it took to the streets in June of 2009, his response to the Ukraine, and so on and so forth…

Timidity is the result of hesitancy, which in turn is the result of doubts. But why the doubts? Why does Obama’s small foreign policy chaos team express doubts almost about every major foreign policy decision? My answer is because Obama and his foreign policy chaos team think there is a conspiracy to implicate him in a new war. These conspiratorial tendencies surface when Obama takes too long to make any decision that requires the US to flex its muscle or ignores them all together. We all remember his refusal to equip the Syrian opposition with weapons in 2011 or to sending arms to the Ukraine to defend themselves.

We can also see his doubts today as he combats ISIL with two toes in and the rest of him on a golf course, the latter being his last refuge from the constant needs to defend US interests. This is why he sold us ISIL as a JV of al-Qaeda (He tried to wiggle out of it later) and this is why he called horsesh*t the notion that doctors and pharmacists could topple the Assad regime. Obama will sell short anything he sees in the horizon coming at him with the word “Pentagon” painted in neon colors no matter how important it is to our national security interests.

No better example to show timidity, hesitancy, and doubts all wrapped in one than his infamous Red Line moment that I suspect would be tracking him for the rest of his life as a GPS tracks al-Qaeda. Add to this equation his micromanaging style, which resulted in the turnover of three Defense Secretaries in six years, as well as how small his inner circle is, and you have all the elements of a president obsessed with the belief that someone is “out to get him embroiled in another war”.

The key to understanding the mindset of Obama is the few number of people he relies upon for advice. This signals that he cannot afford to trust anyone, not even his allies. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the clearest sign of Obama’s conspiratorial tendencies. Hunker down and circle the wagons.

I truly believe Obama believes there are people out there hatching conspiracies against him, which shows us how ill equipped Obama is to be a US President. I also believe that he trusts no one, not Congress, and not the DNC. He keeps his distance even from his allies because he sees conspiracy everywhere.

To decrease the potential success of what Obama believes is a conspiracy, he purged tens of top brass Pentagon military commanders. The purge began in 2009 with General David McKiernan and continues to this day with Chuck Hagel (Long list of purged military commanders). Anyone Obama feels might contribute a different military opinion than the small group of advisors responsible for today’s foreign policy chaos is thrown to the wolves.

The micromanagement is indicative of a president living constantly in fear. Fear from conspiracies has produced the foreign policy chaos we see before us today. However, instead of learning from that foreign policy chaos, Obama is doubling down because of his conspiratorial tendencies. The more foreign policy chaos there is the more convinced he is that his foes want to commit him to a new war on his watch. Any other president with a sound judgment would have realized the folly of his actions and would have immediately adjusted to the reality of the world.

Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Denis McDonough, and I suspect Michelle Obama all think there is a conspiracy against their man, and all have counseled him against making any decisions that would lead this country to defend its interests. Obama’s own interests come first.

This also explains his rapprochement with Iran, now an evil enemy of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, as well as Egypt, Israel, and most of North Africa. Obama believes that this enmity is cause for a war. To offset it, his small foreign policy chaos team fashions a fake détente to last until Obama leaves office. As far as the Iranian bomb, I think Obama feels this is a conspiracy that would force him to declare war, therefore, he engineered the P5+1 negotiations to press just enough buttons to delay that process until after November 2016.

For those expecting Obama to see the light, I suggest you replace your optimism with the judicious reality that the man we voted for is unfit to be our president.  We just have to wait him out and hope that we can limit the immense damage he is causing.

Obama’s foreign policy chaos is rooted in conspiracies


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