The Savages in Damascus

The Savages in Damascus

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There is almost a certainty some soul, be it an infantrymen in the 45th Division of the US Army who first liberated Dachau or the 90th Division who liberated Flossenburgh, who asked himself “what kind of savages would do this to another human being?”

Israelis, who are helping in the best way they can to relieve Syrians of their pain, must be asking the same question. The difference is that Israelis cannot record history yet the way the US Veteran soldiers have already.

In an article describing how Israeli workers are providing food essentials to Syrians in Jordanian refugee camps, this comment by one of the Israeli workers says much about the savages in Damascus:

“We don’t announce with trumpets that we’re Israeli. There is no need for that. Once you let that cat out of the bag, everything starts to blow up.”

Likewise, Syrians will never be able to thank or admit to such relief effort publicly because the savages in Damascus want us all to submit to their hate and will launch vicious attacks against any Syrian who “defends” the enemy. The brainwashing has been going on since 1970 and it will take time and patience to reverse the Syrian mindset.

Please consider this Blog entry to represent the millions of Syrians who want to say thank you to the Israelis helping but could not. Syrians cannot be free from the savages in Damascus even if they lived outside their grip.

Now imagine, for a moment, a Veteran US soldier in the 45th Division unable to explain liberating Dachau or Buchenwald or Dora-Mittelbau because he is afraid of what the German Government might do.  This could only happen if Hitler”™s Nazi ilk survived the way Assad has survived so far. If there is any doubt the world should come together to drag Assad in front of an Aleppo or Deraa or Hama or Homs or Idlib Trials to represent Syria’s own Nuremberg Trials, it should be put to rest just for that reason.

Israelis have every right to announce their kind deeds and Syrians have every right to thank them openly but cannot because of the savages in Damascus perpetuating a culture of 43 of Assad years spreading hate, fear, and lies.

As concerned as I am about Islamic extremism, please watch this French-produced video, subtitled in English, partially shot secretly, to show what the Sharia Islamist extremists are doing in Aleppo. It is all very ugly because they terrorize the culpable and the innocent alike. However, a small segment that begins at 7:50 minute shows how weak they are. They have to beg a Syrian to close his arcade and billiard hall, which he refuses repeatedly.

Compare those weak Islamist moments to the iron fist of terror of the Assad regime gassing, instead of begging children and women and maybe you will understand why many Syrian-Americans like myself remain focused on the savagery of Assad. After Assad, we will rid ourselves of those other savages many in Syria are already resisting.

Syrians have not sacrificed so much to replace one violent secular dictatorship with another violent religious dictatorship.

The Savages in Damascus


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