The Limitations of Assad

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Syria is not what experts might call a regional military power. Its antiquated equipment and lack of training is obvious to those watching T-62 tanks made in the 60’s roll down Syrian streets.

Instead of creating a potent army capable of defending his regime, the Assads opted for the more lethal and less expensive tool: Terrorism.

Even as Mufti Hassoun threatens the west with terror, one must ask the question: Why has Assad not unleash his terror against the west after all the sanctions leveled against an economy about to come to a halt?


With this declaration by Mufti Hassoun, the world has familiarized itself with the inner working of the regime and how it uses terror to destabilize the whole region. The threats, usually delivered through a third-party, are now delivered directly.   

There is so much Assad can do to stop his own demise. One of them is to continue killing Syrians and the other is to dispatch his many dogs to bark at the international community in the hope he can frighten them.

Fear, backed by very little, is what he knows best. 


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