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It is quite interesting to notice the concentrated attacks of late on some of the Middle Eastern thugs who feel entitled to rule or to attack other democracies.

Ahmadinajead has been and remains the premier target of international scorn and for a good reason.

Second comes Teyyip Erdogan of Turkey, who has shown his true colors, after planning and lauding the mission of the Gaza flotilla instead of playing the role of a statesman arbiter he should have been as he leads a nation of people who expect nothing but greatness from their leaders.

But third is NOT Baschar al-Assad where he belongs. For some reason, if Ahmadinajead is Hitler, His Mussolini is Erdogan according to Joel J. Sprayregen, one of the best writers today.  Why is Assad escaping pressure when the world over knows he is as guilty as Iran in arming terrorists and hiding his nuclear ambitions and possibly Iran’s?

There are three possibilities. You be the judge which is most logical.

  1. Assad has no control over Syria anymore. He is just a puppet to Ahmadinajead and as such, Iran’s containment is Assad’s containment.
  2. Given the Iranian threats and the importance of a secular Turkey in the region, resources are applied where they could have the most effects to have maximum impact.
  3. Assad has struck a secret deal with the west, which states, in essence, the following: “If you take Iran off my back, I will do 180 degrees. Until then, don’t expect anything more from me because I cannot do more. Weaken Iran and I am all yours.”

What do you think?


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