Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu wrote in Arutz Sheva that Agent 15 may be responsible for paralyzing Syrians in Homs. Yoab Limor wrote in Israel Hayom that Assad is delivering the Agent by a pilot-less MIG converted to deliver WMD unto a battlefield with the help of Russian engineers. All this thanks to the Play-Doh president residing at the White House.

Welcome to the demented mind of Vladimir Putin who still believes mass murder of civilians is a justifiable act in wars. Putin is the same man President Obama wishes not to anger; so, he makes his foreign policy decisions based on Putin’s mood. Sometimes it looks like when Putin wants his Play-Doh President, he calls Obama.

With Assad using chemical weapons against civilians, he has opened the door to biological warfare against the Alawites of Syria. Between their innocent civilians and Syrian fighters stand the sea, or Homs and Hama where Assad is committing the most atrocious war crimes.


This is a dark day in the history of Syria indeed when a family, known for its most horrific acts of terror, is allowed to remain in power to cause more damage to the region; even as it ignites sectarian wars on a permanent basis. Don’t tell that to our President though because he still thinks Syria is not a problem the same way he believes Benghazi is no big deal.

We expect 5,000 more young Syrians to embrace Jihad, and for twice as many foreign Jihadis to enter Syria in the next 3 months as a result of this Assad atrocity. But why ring the bell at the White House when there is no one ever home? It’s easier to reach Obama by calling Putin.

Assad crossed Obama’s red line, yet the infallible Obama fails to act.  He will keep himself off the media circuit to ignore you and the problem all together. Being an invisible president when the world demands leadership is Obama’s big secret of success.

So much for his red line that Assad just turned into wimpy pink.

The Play-Doh President Residing at The White House

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