22 Mar 2005

Confronting Syria

Read it later Host: Meeting in Brussels, Belgium, President George W. Bush and French President Jacques Chirac issued a joint statement calling on Syria to remove its fourteen thousand troops from Lebanon. In the wake of the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri, the pressure on Syria is

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09 Mar 2005

Is Bush Bringing Democracy to the Middle East? A Debate on U.S. Foreign Policy in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and More

Read it later We host a debate on the question: Is Bush bringing democracy to the Middle East? We are joined by Steven Cook of the Council on Foreign Relations, Rahul Mahajan, an independent journalist and author and Farid Ghadry, the co-founder and current president of the Reform Party of

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22 Feb 2005

Syrian survival strategy

Read it later The assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri on Feb. 14, has not begun a new crisis in the Middle East. Rather, Mr. Hariri’s murder, probably at Syrian instigation, is the culmination of tensions between the United States and Syria that began in April 2003 as

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07 Feb 2005

To Be Chalabi, or Not To Be

Read it later This Syrian exile wants to overthrow another evil Baathist dictator. How can he persuade the U.S. to help him? So, you’re an Arab exile. You’ve prospered in the United States. You’ve got lots of influential neocon friends. And now you want to overthrow the evil Baathist dictator

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