Syrian Rebels Struck Russian Military Base Near Latakia

Syrian Rebels Struck Russian Military Base Near Latakia

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According to website, Syrian rebels struck Russian military base near Latakia on Thursday operating from Sahl al-Ghab. Activists in the field told that the bombing of the Humayhem military base has resulted in many injuries at the airport, which is home to the Russian air fleet bombing the Syrian opposition to Assad.

The rebels claimed they used the 130 caliber cannons able to reach more than 30 kilometers range. Factions from “Ahrar al-Sham” and “Jaish al-Fateh” fired the cannons from the Sahl al-Ghab region overlooking Latakia.

Up until 12:30 GMT Damascus, there has been no official statement issued by “Ahrar al-Sham” claiming to target the airport; however, after the Syrian rebels struck Russian military base, the skies over Sahl al-Ghab were free from any Russian jets that the region has been accustomed to seeing during the last weeks of incessant air strikes.

There has been no statements issued by the Russian military of the Syrian Government denying or admitting the rebels’ claims.

The airport is believed to be home to 69 Sukhoi Russian jet fighters models 24 and 34.

For its part, the Assad regime responded by targeting villages in the Kurds and Tukman Mountains (Jabal al-Akrad and Jabal al-Turkman) using Iranian-supplied missiles and heavy artillery. Even with the air superiority provided by Russia and the hundreds of missiles the regime fired in the region, the regime has not been able to dislodge the rebels now deeply entrenched in Sahl al-Ghab region.

On the humanitarian side, the Kurds and Turkman Mountains have suffered immensely from the Syrian regime attacks. Just Thursday, some 1,000 families have been displaced from the Kurds Mountain and 500 families from the Turkman Mountain.

The people in both mountains are afraid of Russian reactions to the downing of one of their jets by Turkey. They are fleeing Russian acts of revenge they know they are coming.

Syrian Rebels Struck Russian Military Base Near Latakia


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