Suddenly, the US Air Force is David and the Israeli Air Force is Goliath

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In September of 2007, the Israeli Air Force, under Operation Orchard, bombed the North Korean built reactor in Deir el-Zour. The job was quick, tidy, and it highlighted the extra-super-dooper-ace-in-the-hole Syrian air defense systems.

For an excuse to skirt US responsibilities to respond to Assad’s killings, Defense Secretary Panetta is briefing Members of Congress on Syria’s defense systems with news organizations, like CBS, backing him totally (What the heck, those pesky Syrians can’t vote for Obama) by using such terms as “reality check”, “sophisticated air defenses”, and “sober assessment”.

All of the sudden, the US Air Force looks like David and the Israeli Air Force is more like Goliath. How do we Americans let our President get away with telling us “Your country is weak”? I wonder if Gen. Norton Schwartz has any words in defense of the capability of the US Air Forces he leads.

Politicians will always find reasons to do or not to do, to help or not to help. We don’t need Secretary Panetta to hold himself unaccountable by making the case for a superior Syrian air defense. This is a twisted way of letting us Americans think our country is not worth Syria’s military might.

Everybody loves our courage but courage will not buy us freedom if the US, the champion of freedom, believes ours is not worthy. That’s where the real tragedy of the Obama’s presidency lies.

Speaking of courage, you are witnessing today in Syria the acts of the most courageous and virtuous people on the planet. Assad has succeeded in making heads of states tremble but only we forced him to taste fear. Thank us by supporting a flow of arms to the Free Syrian Army.

The matter that we all need to keep in mind is that our courage emanates from understanding right from wrong. Assad can wash our brains for 100 years with the nonsensical al-Mukawama and the Palestinian Cause but at the end of the day, we revolted only for our own fair and equitable cause and for nobody else’s. Keep that in mind as you open your eyes to a Syria full of hope and a brighter future.


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