Why Obama missed Paris? 12 silly reasons

Why Obama missed Paris? 12 silly reasons

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Horrific terror struck France the week of January 5.

Those affected were the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket in a Paris quartier frequented by Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Both acts of terror were followed by three days of hunting the terrorists.

More clean up followed in Belgium where Anti-Semitism has reached unbearable proportions (Just ask Joel Rubinfeld, the president of la Ligue Belge contre l’Antisémitisme (LBCA)).

In short, Gotham city meets European capitals.

In the midst of all that chaos, some 40 leaders from around the world gathered in Paris on Sunday January 11 for a march against terror. Absent from this gathering was our very own supremo Barack Obama.

Why Obama missed Paris to show solidarity against terror?

Below are the 12 reasons I believe why Obama missed Paris and why he ignored attending this important rally against Islamic terror.

Drum roll please:

  • Number 12. Michelle deprived him from taking any selfies.
  • Number 11. Valerie Jarrett would have had to cancel her hair dressing appointment.
  • Number 10. Denis McDonough told him Air Force One had a flat tire.
  • Number 9. Angela Merkel’s perfume smells like Diesel.
  • Number 8. Haute Couture season was over for Michelle.
  • Number 7. Susan Rice warned of a new Muslim video if Obama attended.
  • Number 6. Carla Bruni would be greeting Michelle (Remember “I can’t stand it”?)
  • Number 5. Obama would have to visit something Jewish and wear a Kippa.
  • Number 4. Ben Rhodes could not find the French equivalent to “workplace violence”.
  • Number 3. It was all about Charlie, not “Je Suis Barack”
  • Number 2. Obama would miss a Golf outing in Arizona.
  • Number 1. Obama would have to offer condolences to Benjamin Netanyahu and kiss a Jewish baby.

All told, it was easier to stay home, claim it was for security reasons (Not so for Mandela’s funeral on few days’ notice), and put on display the arrogance of a man who should be teaching, not leading.

A man who hates those who fight terror not on his terms, not on his very own interpretation of history, and not based on his own twisted education.

Hey Congress, can we have a new law that dictates when a President is morally absent, with regard to terror, the Speaker of the House is then obligated to fill that vacuum? Automatically.

Electing Barack Obama is, in fact, changing this country in ways we could have never anticipated.

733 more days of Barack Obama. That is it. Freedom follows for America and accountability for Obama’s cult-like administration.

Why Obama missed Paris?


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