Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Causes More Death Than a Warmonger

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Causes More Death Than a Warmonger

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US President Barack Obama does not regret stepping back from his “red line” on the use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria, saying he was ‘proud’ of the decision. Would you not say, that in the case of Barack Obama, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate causes more death than a warmonger. How could anyone be proud not to stop the gassing of innocent women and children? 

In an interview published by the Atlantic magazine on Thursday, Obama described his decision to step back from planned military strikes, which would have changed the course of Syria’s brutal five-year-old civil war.

In an attempt to re-write history his own history, Obama addressed that disastrous “red line” moment by stating:

“I’m very proud of this moment. The overwhelming weight of conventional wisdom and the machinery of our national-security apparatus had gone fairly far,” Obama was quoted as saying. The perception was that my credibility was at stake, that America’s credibility was at stake. And so for me to press the pause button at that moment, I knew, would cost me politically.”

Critics argue that Obama’s decision did damage to American credibility that will not be healed quickly or easily. The Middle East, asa result, is basking in terror and violence.

“The fact that I was able to pull back from the immediate pressures and think through in my own mind what was in America’s interest, not only with respect to Syria but also with respect to our democracy, was as tough a decision as I’ve made – and I believe that ultimately it was the right decision to make.”

The president did not explain how it is in the best interests of Syria to permit a genocidal maniac gas women and children at will. He also failed to explain how it is in America’s interests when a violent dictator becomes a magnet for terrorists to join the war in Syria from over 108 countries worldwide only to return home to threaten the west.

Maybe brave historians, with better command of his policies, timelines, and his illogical narcissistic analysis would help us all one day understand how unfit Barack Hussein Obama was to be the president of the United States of America.

AFP contributed to this article.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Causes More Death Than a Warmonger


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