Kerry Is Pulling the Same Stupid Trick Again

Kerry Is Pulling the Same Stupid Trick Again

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U.S. officials say the United States and Russia have agreed on a plan that would create a cease-fire in Syria starting Saturday. The officials said Monday that the two sides have agreed on the terms and conditions for the “cessation of hostilities,” as they call it. The truce excludes attacks on the ISIS group and the Nusra Front, al-Qaeda’s local affiliate. This means Russia can bomb away unimpeded since it considers every anti-Assad fighter a terrorist. Kerry is pulling the same stupid trick again except this time around his name does not appear anywhere. 

An announcement is expected after Presidents Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin speak on the matter by telephone

Meanwhile, the leader of a Saudi-backed Syrian opposition alliance said that rebel factions have agreed “in principle” to an internationally mediated temporary truce.

Riad Hijab, who heads the group known as the High Negotiations Committee, also called on Russia, Iran and the Syrian government to stop their attacks, lift blockades and release prisoners in Syria.

His statement on Monday did not elaborate on the terms of the truce reached.

Russian air strikes launched in September against rebels fighting the psychopath Baschar al-Assad have exacerbated suffering and destruction in Syria.

The Syrian civil war, which began with peaceful protesters marching against the terror and the tyranny of the Assad regime, has cost already 470,000 according to the latest and most accurate figures published by the New York Times. 

Kerry Is Pulling the Same Stupid Trick Again


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