Judge Iran Deal by Obama’s Angry Life, Not Rhetoric

Judge Iran Deal by Obama’s Angry Life, Not Rhetoric

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U.S. lawmakers skeptical about the nuclear deal with Iran promised to press senior Obama administration officials to make more information about it public at a Senate hearing on Thursday as Congress begins its two-month review of the agreement.

Secretary of State John Kerry, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz will testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, the first such public appearance by the cabinet officials since the deal was announced on July 14.

As the fight for the Iran deal goes public, it behooves our lawmakers to judge the Iran deal within the parameters of Obama’s past political life and experiences. This deal is not about beneficial political expediency or halting nuclear proliferation, This deal is not about benefits the U.S. can derive from, or nuclear containment, or even eradicating terror or controlling it.

This is a deal whose roots stew in ideology, a mission, and some sinister purpose.

Judge Iran deal by Obama’s angry life and experiences, not his rhetoric.

Barack Obama is an angry man whose father left him and who grew up in a Capitalist environment he did not believe in. He is angry with American exceptionalism and everything American, culturally, politically, and even morally. Because of his deep ideological roots, we must not separate Obama’s life from the Iran deal as it represents the culmination of his total personae.

What did Obama aspire to become? Who are the countries Obama felt have wronged his sense of righteousness? Who were his friends? Who are the global players most likely to benefit or be harmed from Obama’s ideological inclinations if the Iran deal becomes a reality? These are the question we should ask to judge Iran deal.

If Obama is willing to turn a blind eye to Cuban abuse of human rights, or to Assad killing Syrians by the tens of thousands, or the Iranian regime spreading terror like locust, what negative impact the Iran deal will have on the region seems secondary to Barack Obama. This deal is not about peace or peaceful co-existence. it is certainly not about to limit wars or conflicts.

Judge Iran deal for how it satisfies Obama’s politically driven and angry life, and not by what he and his minions tell us.

Judge Iran Deal by Obama’s Angry Life, Not Rhetoric


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