It is about corruption, fiscal irresponsibility, oppression, and political correctness

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Michael Ledeen has a very interesting Blog discussing the “Global Insurrection” taking place today. From Tea Party movement to Arab street uprisings.

Ledeen refers to R.R. Palmer’s book written post WWII era entitled The Age of the Democratic Revolution, 1760-1800 in which Palmer discusses how democratic nations shared information and strategies.

It reminds us as well of how despotic regimes in the Arab world share a hybrid strategy of Hitlerism and Stalinism. Collective strategies invite collective uprisings. One of those Stalinist strategies is to starve the people so they think only about food, never about politics. Well-suited as well for your average Arab dictator who collectively can easily occupy the first 22 rankings of the Forbes 400.

And if Assad believes he can escape it just because he shares the beliefs of the people on the street, that man, on the street, does not exactly agree with Assad’s wishful thinking. He cherishes Fridays for two reasons: He can complain to his G*d about his miseries and maybe have a meal. Call us stupid but we Syrians do not think too much about Israel or America when our children sleep on empty stomachs.

It’s catch 22 for our Syrian dictator: Do I starve them not to think about politics or do I feed them to think about resistance? Assad cannot come to grip with what he wants and that’s why the Syrian Revolution is around the corner. We saw a glimpse of it when 3,000 descended on the streets of Damascus on Feb. 17 after 4 policemen beat a young Syrian.

There are several factors leading to this global phenomena. The Global Insurrection includes Geert Wilders rising as a result of people tired of political correction and multi-culturalism. The Tea Party rising out of fiscal irresponsibility. The Arab street rising as a result of corruption and oppression. The Chinese people rising as a result of centralized controls and oppression. The Iranian people rising because of economic depravation and oppression.

It is about corruption (Arab dictators), fiscal irresponsibility (Left-wing politicians), oppression (Highly-centralized governments), and political correctness (Camp fire societies or parties). Whether you have the freedom to express yourself or not, these four factors may determine the fate of any country this year and possibly for many years to come.

Are you listening United Nations?


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